Supports for KMb

CESI's Knowledge Moblilization (KMb) Program offers a range of expertise and support on- and off-campus. Program staff support KMb in the following ways (and more!):

Capacity Development

It is increasingly recognized that research knowledge needs to be deliberately moved into policy, practice, and programs. CESI helps to do this by developing knowledge, skills, values with respect to KMb and build capacity to practically apply this knowledge to have a positive impact in our community. We build capacity around KMb in multiple ways:

  • Guest lectures in undergraduate and graduate courses 
  • Holding workshops for campus and community
  • Reviewing the KMb plans in grant applications
  • Participating as KMb experts on community-engaged grants
  • Offering a Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization

Grant Support

CESI participates in The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences grant review process, specifically contributing to the knowledge mobilization (KMb) section of the grant applications. We follow the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Guidelines for Effective KMb when contributing to SSHRC grants, as well as rely on our own unique position of KMb within a community-engaged perspective.

If you would like to request support for your knowledge mobilization activities, contact Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, at