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Research Shop Featured as Example of University Contribution to Community Well-Being

McConnells’ RECODE initiative and Simon Fraser University recently released a new paper which lists CESI's Research Shop as a good practice. “Maximizing the Capacities of Advanced Education Institutions to Build Social Infrastructure for Canadian Communities” looks at ways that advanced education institutions can be more deliberate in using their assets to contribute to community well-being. Building on an assessed need for collective action to address societal challenges, it calls for institutions to take stock of their current efforts, consolidate best practices, and institutionalize and scale successful community engagement throughout their organization.

The author offers a typology of instruments that can be used for institutional engagement (from financial instruments to research or education), as well as examples of activities that can be conducted under each category. The Institute's Research Shop is flagged as one of these engagement activities and recognized for its capacity to develop and leverage student expertise to build our community's social infrastructure.



July 6, 2017