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Intelligent Assistance Research in the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab

September 21st, 2017
Engineering Atrium, Thornbrough Building, University of Guelph

Professor Serge Autexier, Director of the Ambient Assisted Living Laboratory at the University of Bremen, Germany, will give the second lecture in the recently launched University of Bremen/University of Guelph Lecture Series. His research project lies at the crossroads of Artifical Intelligence, Engineering, and the provision of assistance to individuals with physical and mental handicaps. This is the first lecture in the series to be given in Canada. 

The presentation will provide an easy and accessible survey on the past and ongoing activities, research, and developments on intelligent environments centered around the Lab. It will consist of an overview of the research questions and methodologies illustrated by examples from past and ongoing developments and projects. The examples cover a spectrum of forms of assistance such as to prevent occupational diseases, to simplify everyday life through more comfort, to provide added value services, and to master everyday activities independently. Finally, the talk will shed a light on the manifold usages of the Lab as a showroom to make intelligent assistance tangible and graspable for diverse groups of persons, and as a place for research and education.