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RAISING WOMEN’S VOICES First Ever Guelph-Wellington Women’s Campaign School

Saturday, February 24th
Guelph City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph, ON

Early 2017, the Research Shop completed a project with CFUW on Women and Politics that focused on supporting women who are seeking public leadership roles in our community. We are excited to see they are moving forward with one of the proposed supports – which is a campaign school for women interested in supporting, or running, for a position in the 2018 municipal election.


The United Nations defines 30 per cent as the minimal percentage of women required for government to reflect women's concerns. Women in Canada represent 18 per cent of mayors and 28 per cent of councillors, for an average of 26 percent. Based on current statistics, Canada would need 1,408 more women in elected office today to reach the 30 per cent target.


This day-long event will have talented individuals teaching communications, marketing and how to build a campaign team.  Participants can expect to learn about the nomination process, rules about fundraising and developing a campaign platform and strategy.


Who should attend?

  • Women thinking of running for school trustee/councillor in the 2018 municipal election
  • Women who may be interested in local government
  • Anyone wanting to support a women’s campaign


For information and registration:



The GW Campaign School is hosted by Councillor June Hofland. Raising Women’s Voices is a partnership between CFUW Guelph, The People and Information Network (PIN), The Rhyze Project and the Zonta Club of Guelph.