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Documenting the University-Community Collaboration Between the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute and The SEED Community Food Hub

The Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) fosters collaborative and mutually beneficial community-university partnerships and builds mechanisms for partners to work together in innovative and strategic ways. The SEED is a new and growing collaborative initiative at the Guelph Community Health Centre whose primary goal is to increase the food health of Guelph’s low-income community members. The SEED was created in response to community needs identified through collaborative research completed by CESI and its community partners. Since inception, The SEED has continued to inform its work through outreach, evaluation, and research, and has partnered with CESI on over ten projects across several departments and Colleges at the University of Guelph. Using video, the purpose of this project is to document the tangible impacts outreach, evaluation, and research have had in the Guelph community where The SEED has created and piloted innovative food-based programming. The ongoing partnership between the SEED and CESI strongly supports the University of Guelph’s reputation as Canada’s food university given the breadth of topics covered, and the number of colleges and departments engaged.
The current video project has several goals related to knowledge mobilization:
(1) effectively demonstrate how academia can tangibly and rapidly affect community development
(2) showcase The SEED’s work in response to criticisms of and identified gaps in the local emergency food system
(3) highlight significant impacts of community engaged learning for students who have worked with the SEED
(4) communicate successes realized from this long-term partnership to other Canadian universities, research bodies, and community food security initiatives
This project was funded through the Arrell Food Institute.
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