Defining Our Terms: Community Engagement, Scholarship, Knowledge Mobilization

This document presents key questions and definitions developed by leaders in the field of community-engaged scholarship.

  1. What is "community engagement"?
  2. How is engagement different from "outreach"?
  3. What makes an activity "scholarship"?
  4. What is "community-engaged scholarship"?
  5. How is community-engaged scholarship different than "service"?
  6. What is "evidence" and what is "documentation"?
  7. What is "community-based research"?
  8. What are the characteristics of quality community-engaged scholarship?
  9. What is "knowledge mobilization"?
  10. How can I document community-engaged scholarship in a dossier?

Access the definitions here.

Defining Our Terms: Definitions of Community Engagement and Knowledge Mobilization Developed for CSAHS

This document provides detailed definitions of community, community engagement, and knowledge mobilization, developed by the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute for the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.