CESI Faculty Affiliates

CESI Faculty Affiliates

CESI Faculty Affiliates are the first college-level service committee to explore new and innovative strategies to move forward community-engaged learning and research. Their work extends the ability of faculty, the Institute, and CSAHS to build capacity for and conduct community-engaged scholarship. Approved by Dean's Council in 2013, Faculty Affiliates are chosen from across CSAHS. They meet as a larger committee as well as on a by-project basis, focusing on projects where they are able to apply their diverse subject matter expertise.

Faculty Affiliates can serve in a number of ways, including:

  • Contributing to the development of research agendas for current partners. In conjunction with CESI staff, other faculty affiliates, students, and community, Faculty Affiliates contribute by assisting in the scoping, conceptualizing, and structuring of long term research agendas, capturing opportunities for research and teaching.
  • Serving as part of a researchers group to examine and vet community research questions - assisting in moving ideas to researchable questions. Faculty Affiliates contribute a set number of hours to responding to questions and consulting to community organizations on issues such as data analysis, program evaluation, ethical issues in community based research, or other. Faculty Affiliates also provide expertise to students working on interdisciplinary projects that link with the researcher group work.

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