Headshot of Liz Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson
Associate Director
Elizabeth provides leadership and strategic direction to the Institute and guides the development of all programs.
A headshot of Lindsey Thomson.
Lindsey Thomson
Community Engaged Learning Manager
Lindsey supports faculty members in building partnerships and curriculum for community-engaged learning.
A headshot of Caroline Duvieusart-Déry.
Caroline Duvieusart-Déry
Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator
Caroline works with faculty members and students to broker relationships and enhance the impact of research.
A headshot of Sam Laban.
Sam Laban
Guelph Lab Facilitator
Sam develops and manages projects for the Guelph Lab, a collaboration between the Institute and the City of Guelph.
A headshot of Samantha Blostein
Samantha Blostein
Research Shop Coordinator
Samantha ensures the day-to-day functioning of the Research Shop by overseeing graduate students' work on community research projects.
A headshot of Kendra Schnarr
Kendra Schnarr
Research Projects Assistant
Kendra provides research support and ensures that projects are on track at all stages of development and implementation.
A headshot of Shirley Shanahan.
Shirley Shanahan
Administrative Assistant
Shirley supports the Director with the administration of the Institute.
A headshot of Linda Hawkins.
Linda Hawkins
Linda is currently on leave.
A headshot of Karen Nelson.
Karen Nelson
Research Shop Coordinator
Karen is on leave until October 2017.