Linda Hawkins
Linda Hawkins provides strategic direction and leadership to various initiatives.
Lindsey Thomson
Community Engaged Learning Manager
Lindsey supports faculty members in building partnerships and curriculum for community-engaged learning.
Caroline Duvieusart-Déry
Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator
Caroline works with faculty members and students to broker relationships and enhance the impact of research.
Sam Laban
Guelph Lab Facilitator
Sam develops and manages projects for the Guelph Lab, a collaboration between the Institute and the City of Guelph.
Samantha Blostein
Research Shop Coordinator
Samantha ensures the day-to-day functioning of the Research Shop by overseeing graduate students' work on community research projects.
Kendra Schnarr
Research Projects Assistant
Kendra provides research support and ensures that projects are on track at all stages of development and implementation.
Shirley Shanahan
Administrative Assistant
Shirley supports the Director with the administration of the Institute.
Karen Nelson
Research Shop Coordinator
Karen is on leave until October 2017.