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Workshop: Design for Impact

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Student opportunity: the Graduate Student KMb/KTT Learning Circle

Deadline extended: Student Knowledge Mobilization & Design Assistant

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Work With Us: Community

We work with community partners through all of our programs and special projects. Our work is rooted in community-engaged scholarship, and as such, our community partners identify projects and bring them to CESI. We then identify the right program within CESI to meet the needs of the community partner. Below is a brief description of each of the programs and how they work:

Work With Us: Students

CESI works with students in a variety of ways. We employ students across our programs on community-enaged projects, and occasionally seek organizational support. Examples of student opportunities at CESI include: Research Assistant and Project Manager positions with the Research Shop, practicum placements, and other roles supporting the Guelph Lab, CETL program, the Knowledge Mobilization program, and special projects. We post all open positions on our website, advertise via our social media, and circulate through our email networks. 

Supports for KMb


CESI's Knowledge Moblilization (KMb) program offers a range of expertise and support on- and off-campus. Program staff support KMb in the following ways (and more!):

Brokering and Partnerships

We strive to enhance community access to and use of research expertise. We work to make research accessible, and to facilitate the involvement of non-academic partners at various stages of the research process, from defining research questions to conducting research and sharing findings. We help:

Guelph/KW KTT Community of Practice


The Guelph Knowledge Translation and Transfer Community of Practice (KTT CoP) is an informal group of knowledge mobilization professionals, faculty and students seeking to share best practices, develop new skills, and connect with peers. Members are committed to bridging the gap between best available evidence and practice: we are focused on sharing resources and ideas to create a strong community and advance KTT knowledge.

What is Knowledge Mobilization?

CESI Knowledge Mobilization Definition

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) can be defined in many ways. At CESI, we believe that KMb is an integral element of critical community-engaged scholarship, and see knowledge-sharing, dialogue, and recognition of multiple forms and locations of knowledge as crucial parts of our collaborative practice. KMb is integrated into our community-engaged practice including the CETL program, the Guelph Lab, and the Research Shop, as well as being a distinct program at CESI.