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Photo showing the 10C lobby with, on the far walls, the photos gathered for the exhibit.

Photo exhibit: Perspectives on community-university partnerships

Student learning can reach far beyond the classroom. Through community engaged learning, faculty, students and community organizations partner to co-create research programs that have a real impact. The Community Engaged Scholarship Institute works to integrate community-driven research into the course context, introducing students to collaborative research and key issues of relevance in our community.
Poster for the event. It reads "Collab" and includes the title of the event.

Putting Program Evaluation to Work for Us: Nonprofit Organizations Learning Together

Do you or your organization struggle with evaluation? Can a non-profit organization do meaningful evaluation on a limited budget? Can an evaluation project generate findings that are truly useful, while also meeting funder expectations? Community organizations are invited to join Andrew Taylor from Taylor Newberry Consulting​ and adjunct faculty member at the University of Guelph for a practical, informal, interactive workshop with hands-on exercises. Participants will learn:

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