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October 2019

Image reads the title of the event: "Skills for Research Impact: Planning for Research Impact" on a blue background.

Skills for Research Impact 1: Planning for Research Impact

  Your research matters. What can you do to increase its impact and reach those who can benefit from it? Join us in this first workshop of the ‘Skills for Research Impact’ series to learn all about knowledge mobilization strategies and how to plan for research impact. In this workshop, you will:
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Campus-Community Partnerships Conversation

Have you ever wanted to work with the University of Guelph, or have a new idea that you would love support with in advancing community goals? The UofG Engaged Learning Collective is hosting their second general meet-and-greet at 10C where community groups, social innovators, small businesses, arts organizations, advocacy groups, social purpose initiatives, and those in science and technology are invited to meet university staff and faculty from across campus who help to facilitate community-university partnerships. 
Feature image showing a magnifying glass on a piece of paper

Driven by Data: How to Find and Use Local Data in Your Community

Would you like to learn about the local data available in Guelph and how to apply it to your work?  If so, join the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Coalition for Report Cards on the Well-Being of Children for "Driven by Data - How to Find and use Local Data in your Community." This event will showcase the variety of local data available in Guelph, including data portals, reports, maps and infographics. It aims to inspire awareness of local data resources and help individuals learn how to access and use local data and evidence.
Strings of computer code

Guelph KTT CoP: Hackathons - the Evolution of Hacking

Initially designed to bring together computer scientists and software engineers to develop code-based solutions to industry challenges, hackathons have expanded to include expertise from disciplines such as health and wellness, medicine, environmental sciences, and more. 
Image reads the title of the event, "Opening up the world of data" and the three organizations co-hosting it.

Workshop: Opening up the World of Data

Data can empower your organization to create stronger proposals, develop evidence-informed programs, and demonstrate impact, but knowing where to find it and what to do with it can be a challenge. This three-hour workshop will provide an introduction to where you can find data and how you can use it in your own projects. You will learn about:
A network of people beside the words "Skills for Research Impact: Stakeholder Engagement"

Skills for Research Impact Session 2: Stakeholder Engagement

Presented by David Phipps, York University. Knowing how to engage your stakeholders effectively is key to achieving research impact. This second workshop of the ‘Skills for Research Impact’ series will take a deeper look at the benefits of engaging your audiences throughout your research process, and look at best practices for reaching out to stakeholders from various sectors. In this session, you will: