CESI Current Students

Headshot of Aarabhi Rajendiran
Research Shop Project Manager

Interests: Program evaluation, community health, social determinants of health, population health intervention research, community engaged scholarship.

Headshot of Keely Kavcic
Research Shop Project Manager

Interests: Gender Norms, Sexual Violence Education, Rape Culture, Rape Myths, Canadian Universities, Community Engaged Research. 

Headshot of Nicole Jeffrey
Research Shop Project Manager

Interests: Gender, violence against women, sexual coercion in intimate relationships.

Headshot of Alexandria Vincent
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Social determinants of health, health equity, harm reduction, trauma and violence informed care, knowledge translation, and healthy public policy.

Headshot of Chloe Zivot
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: international development, settlement and integration, public health, gender.

Headshot of Claudia Volpe
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: online communities, digital drift, desistance from deviance/crime, self-harm and vulnerable populations, sociology of mental health, qualitative research, community-engaged research.

Headshot of Jessica Boulé
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Human sexuality; gender identities; aging health; equitable, accessible and inclusive practice; community engaged scholarship; knowledge mobilization; social justice.

Headshot of Jessica Lukawiecki
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Program evaluation; social and environmental analysis; social return on investment; Indigenous issues; writing; editing.

Headshot of Jordan Daniels
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Indigenous tourism, social justice, representation, decolonization, reconciliation, Indigenous-settler relations, anthropological theory.

Headshot of Kelly Hatt
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Law and politics, Canadian criminal justice policy, oversight, courts, community engaged research.

Headshot of Kendra Cheeseman
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Intersectional landscapes, environmental determinants of health, knowledge mobilization in spatial graphics, feminist landscape design, data privacy in 'smart infrastructure'.

Headshot of Kimberley Goh
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Acculturation, multiculturalism, program evaluation, knowledge mobilization, community engaged scholarship, education.

Headshot of Melanie Davis
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Decision-making process, community engaged scholarship, social determinants of health, harm reduction and drug policy, social assistance and social policies.

Headshop of Melisa Choubak
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Intersectional identities, intergroup bias, marginalized populations, participatory methods, program evaluation, social justice and art, animal rights and nature.

Headshot of Nasra Hussein
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Health equity, marginalized populations, social justice, social determinants of health, global health, food security.

Headshot of Rebecca Pereira
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Public health issues, different cultural perspectives on health.

Headshot of Shauna Sanvido
Communications Assistant

Interests: Resilient cities, migration, social determinants of health, social policy, globalization, foreign relations.

Headshot of Emily Farrell
Knowledge Mobilization and Design Assistant

Interests: Knowledge mobilization, the scholarship of teaching and learning, visual design, human nutrition, healthy aging, mixed methods research.