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Call for Applications: The Hub Sandbox

CESI and the Center for Business and Student Entrepreneurship are offering two students an opportunity to get hands-on entrepreneurship experience and make a positive impact in the Guelph-Wellington community! Selected students will work with a staff member from the SEED Community Food Project over the Fall semester to develop and pilot a new social enterprise called the Upcycle Kitchen.

Guelph Lab Success and Accomplishments

As public institutions, cities and universities play a pivotal role in shaping their communities. When these institutions work collaboratively to drive social and public innovation, they can significantly expand the depth and scope of their impact.

Vital Signs Logo

Local Data on Social and Health Wellbeing

Guelph and Wellington County Vital Signs

Vital Signs provides a meaningful, high-level snapshot of strengths and challenges in Guelph and Wellington County.  Vital Signs is an invitation to engage in important community conversations. 

Guelph Lab Contributes to Provincial Toolkit on Sharing Economy

How can municipalities balance innovation, policy goals and citizen protection when faced with the growing popularity of companies like Uber or Airbnb? How can we best understand and respond to this new model of a sharing economy?

Research Shop Featured as Example of University Contribution to Community Well-Being

McConnells’ RECODE initiative and Simon Fraser University recently released a new paper which lists CESI's Research Shop as a good practice. “Maximizing the Capacities of Advanced Education Institutions to Build Social Infrastructure for Canadian Communities” looks at ways that advanced education institutions can be more deliberate in using their assets to contribute to community well-being.

Handbook helps Refugee Sponsoring Groups Prepare for Arrival and Integration

To support Guelph-Wellington residents in the process of sponsoring Syrian refugees to our region, the Institute has recently published the Handbook for Refugee Sponsoring Groups: Tips and Local Resources to Support Sponsors in Guelph-Wellington. The handbook contains detailed checklists organized chronologically to follow the resettlement process of refugee families, from pre-arrival to the end of their first month in Guelph or Wellington.

Five Action Items Developed From Community Event

In February 2016, senior community partners with expertise in community-university engagement participated in the afternoon session of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute’s annual event, Community conversations: Moving our community-university partnerships forward. 

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