Biatris Lasu

Headshot of Biatris Lasu
Research Shop Assistant

Why I am working with the Research Shop: I am working with the Research Shop because I believe that community-campus partnerships are essential to effective knowledge mobilization. The potential in the Research Shop is tremendous because it offers a collaborative platform for communities and academic institutions to collaborate in order to address social issues by mobilizing theory and practice to create resilient and inclusive communities. The opportunity to work with the Research Shop will allow me to hone in on my research skills and develop a greater knowledge on the importance of community-campus partnerships. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how the issue of food security translates at the micro level.

Program of study: I am working towards completing my Master's degree in Political Science and International Development. My research focuses on competing ideas about rice and food security challenges in Sierra Leone. I am specifically interested in how different stakeholders are able to command the power needed to see their visions for rice and food security translated into policies at the country level.