Waterloo Wellington KMb Community

Waterloo Wellington KMb Community

The Waterloo Wellington Knowledge Mobilization Community is an informal group of knowledge mobilization practitioners seeking to develop new skills, share best practices, and connect with peers. Members are committed to bridging the gap between best available evidence and practice. We are focused on sharing resources and ideas to create a strong community and advance KMb knowledge in the Guelph, Wellington, Kitchener & Waterloo region.

The KMb Community meets a few times a year for workshops, discussions and networking. We also share information about jobs, funding, projects or other opportunities via our listserv.

A March 2021 member survey revealed that participants in the KMb community come from a range of sectors and organizations, and work on issues as diverse as agriculture, technology, social justice and education. While most members have some experience working in the KMb field, we also welcome those new to (or interested in) KMb.

Visit the Waterloo Wellington KMb Community website to learn more and to join.

Learn more about our membership and activities in the attached infographic below.