Partnership with 10C

10C logo with tagline creating space for change

10C is a community hub and shared working space aimed at facilitating collaboration and innovation to create social change. Located on 10 Carden street in downtown Guelph since its foundation in 2009, this living lab moved into its own and fully renovated space on 42 Carden street as of Summer 2017.

Building on our long-term partnership with 10C, CESI has a space-sharing agreement which gives access to various types of spaces in this new location. This collaboration offers an opportunity for campus staff, faculty, students and community partners to use the space with the goal of building new spaces for innovation and partnered work between the University and the community.

CESI is thrilled to extend this opportunity to our many campus partners. The space available includes:

  • Community Classroom (large event room seating up to 120 people): could be used for courses, events or conferences, workshops and presentations
  • Small and large rooms: available for research or partnered meetings, training and workshops, active use, research activities
  • Street-level gallery space: offering possibilities for poster displays or exhibitions
  • Desks in co-working area: ideal working space for students, faculty or staff looking for a desk downtown

The criteria for using the space in-kind through the CESI partnership with 10C includes mobilizing research knowledge, community-engaged scholarship, and other events, meetings, and space for projects that include the community. 

For more information, to discuss possibilities, or to book the space, contact Kendra Schnarr, Research Project Assistant.