Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization

The Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization, developed by CESI in collaboration with Open Learning and Educational Development, is a professional development opportunity offered entirely online. Through three eight-week courses, participants learn to identify and address barriers to knowledge mobilization, and use tools and techniques to enhance the impact of research and facilitate the development of evidence-informed policy and practice.

The program is targeted towards researchers, policy-makers, service providers and knowledge mobilization professionals looking to enhance their ability to share and use evidence relevant to the social sciences, human services, and health sectors. Courses focus on the development of knowledge mobilization strategies tailored to each stage of the Knowledge to Action continuum:

  1. Inform: Processes of knowledge translation and dissemination (offered every fall semester)
  2. Engage: Building capacity to understand and use relevant evidence (offered every winter semester)
  3. Act: Transforming knowledge into action (offered every spring semester)

For more information, watch our video on knowledge mobilization, visit the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization website or contact Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator.