Supports for CETL

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CESI's CETL Program offers a range of expertise and support from planning to implementing to evaluating CEL courses. Program staff support CETL in the following ways (and more!):


  • Identifying and/or facilitating connections between potential university and community-based partners
  • Bringing together faculty, instructors, graduate students and staff with interest and knowledge in CETL through the Community of Practice
  • Information and networking events for faculty/course instructors, students, staff, and community


  • Developing and mobilizing CETL related resources
  • Capacity-building workshops, community of practice, and information sessions around CETL
  • Grant application consultation for CEL initiatives (e.g. SoTL, Learning Enhancement Fund, etc.)
  • Scholarly research and/or evaluation within CEL courses and long-term partnerships


  • 1-1 consultations with faculty/course instructors and/or potential community partners
  • Planning community engaged/focused learning outcomes, assignments and activities in line with community-identified needs
  • Guest lectures on principles and practices of CEL and other in-class engagements by CESI staff and/or community partners
  • Coordination of CEL related partnerships, projects, and products (e.g. partner meetings, review of draft workplans and other products, communications and liaising, etc.)
  • Long-term partnership planning across CEL courses

If you are interested in learning more about our CETL supports and/or speaking with program staff about your CEL course(s), please get in touch with us!