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Promoting Food Security in Higher Education: Virtual Dialogue Panel

From busy exam schedules, to balancing coursework, jobs and relationships, to navigating the everyday stresses of university life, students face many factors that can impact their health and wellbeing. But for some, especially BIPOC students, lack of financial access to nutritious, culturally-appropriate food to fuel their busy days adds an additional layer of worry and challenge, particularly in light of COVID-19, and the additional impacts on affordability it has had for many. This event, hosted by the University of British Columbia and supported by Meal Exchange, CESI, McMaster...

Skills for Research Impact: KTT Strategies and Dissemination

How do you share your research with non-academic audiences? Join Elizabeth Shantz (Research Innovation Office) for the fourth installment of the Skills for Research Impact workshop series to learn about a number of potential mechanisms you can use for knowledge mobilization, discover how to choose a mechanism that’s appropriate for your audience, and take a deep dive into several popular mechanisms for dissemination, including social media, research summaries, infographics, and media.  By the end of this workshop...

Skills for Research Impact: Evaluating KTT Activities

When all is said and done, how do you know it worked? Join Anne Bergen (Knowledge to Action Consulting) for the fifth session in the Skills for Research Impact workshop series to go beyond the anecdote and learn to use evaluation techniques to assess the impact of your knowledge mobilization efforts. Register for this session.

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