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Chat bubbles beside the words: "Skills for Research Impact: Clear Language Writing"

Skills for Research Impact Session 3: Clear Language Writing

Hone your clear communications skills! Get tips on how to structure and write clear language summaries of your research for dissemination to lay audiences. This workshop wil be presented by Kim Garwood, Writing Services, McLaughlin Library and Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute. All are welcome!  Please register for this event on Eventbrite.  ...
A woman speaking with a tablet beside the words, "Interactive Workshop: Women and Leadership" and "Develop Strategies to Translate 'Women's Emotional Labour' into 'Executive Leadership Practice'"

Interactive Workshop: Women and Leadership

How can women's emotional labour be translated into executive leadership practice? Join Dr. M. Gloria González-Morales and Dr. Grace Ewles from the University of Guelph to develop strategies to meet this goal. This 90-minute interactive session is designed to explore women’s experiences managing social relationships in the workplace in their work roles, and the implications of these relational practices for health and well-being. The first part of the session will explore links between gender, emotional labour, imposter syndrome, stress, and burnout. In the second part, attendees will...
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Guelph KTT CoP: Tools for Research Communications

The digital age has transformed the way we consume information: we want it on a 24/7 outlet. This shift has manifested itself in the want for information to be at our fingertips – immediate and easily consumable. But, it’s not just immediacy that our audiences are looking for – it’s engagement. Benefit is gained from considering technology as a platform for engagement. Engagement increases the process of interaction, participation and thereby an opportunity to move research knowledge into action. To create engagement, research communications should tell a story. A story that begins with...
Image of a scale beside the words: "Skills for Research Impact: Visual Design Principles"

Skills for Research Impact Session 4: Visual Design Principles

Presented by Shannon Brown, Office of Research, Agri-Food Partnership. Go beyond the academic poster: learn all about best practices for designing visual materials that are appealing and bring your messages across. In this workshop you will: Learn about the principles of visual design Learn about various resources to help you make your own layouts Practice using PowerPoint as a graphic design tool This session is offered as part of the ‘Skills for Research Impact’ workshop series.  All are welcome.  ...
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Guelph KTT CoP: KTT Best Practices - Building a 'Next Generation' KTT Program

Since 2010, the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance has been supporting research exploring the science of Knowledge Translation and Transfer. Nearly a decade and 88 projects later, the Alliance’s KTT Funding Program has yielded a summary of leading practices and lessons learned about KTT for agri-food and rural research. In this session, we will discuss why and how this manual was developed, how it has been rolled out to and received by the research community, and lessons learned for future KTT capacity building. Refreshments and snacks will be available. You'll be joining us?...

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