Guelph Lab Project Explores Access to Public Washrooms in Guelph

The first phase of an ongoing Guelph Lab project has just been published on the City of Guelph website! The Access to Public Washrooms in Guelph Project, a collaboration between the City of Guelph, the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics (U of G), and the Guelph Lab, is working to identify ways to improve access to public washrooms in the City of Guelph. The now-published Maps Report showcases what type of washrooms are available and when washrooms are available at different times of year, different times of day, and different days of the week.

The U of G Campus Food Market: A Step Towards Reducing Student Food Insecurity

There is a growing awareness of the impacts of food insecurity among post-secondary students in Guelph and across Canada; while food insecurity rates among various segments of the Canadian population are well-documented, food insecurity among post-secondary students has only recently gained the attention of researchers. Sliding scale markets are one intervention that has been developed to address food insecurity, currently being employed at the University of Guelph with promising results.

A Warm Thank You to Dr. Tanti & Dr. Ferguson

The CESI team is saying a fond and very grateful goodbye to two beloved team members. Dr. Mary Ferguson and Dr. Melissa Tanti, both Research Associates with CESI, came to the end of their contracts at the end of April. 

"A Circle of Care" Exhibit in Macdonald Institute

The poster exhibit "A Circle of Care" is now on display in the corridor of Macdonald Institute. Come read a few of them, get inspired, and find ways - big or small - to make a difference in our community.

Photo shows Tanja Samardzic; woman with short purple hair wearing a blue shirt.

Becoming a Community-Engaged Researcher and Scholar: A Reflection

Tanja Samardzic is in the final stages of completing a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology at the University of Guelph. Tanja is an applied researcher who uses mixed methods to answer important questions concerning topics like gender-based violence and women’s health. Under the supervision of Dr. Paula Barata, her dissertation has explored young women’s experiences with expectations of how they “should” be in their intimate relationships (e.g., quiet, nice) and how they navigate relationships, especially when their partners are abusive.

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