Gathering Hope: Evidence & Inspiration for Environmental Action Recording Now Available

Did you miss the live event on January 25th 2023? A recording of Gathering Hope is now available.

This virtual panel discussion explores evidence-based hope and environmental solutions. Hosted and moderated by 2022-2023 Kinross Chair in Environmental Governance, Stephanie Cairns, it features a keynote address by Dr. Elin Kelsey, scholar and thought-leader for the evidence-based hope and climate solutions movement.

Panelists include:

Student Food Insecurity Work Featured in University Affairs

The Guelph Lab's work to address student food insecurity has been featured in an article in University Affairs. "Searching for sustainable solutions to food insecurity on campus" highlights the sharp increase in food insecurity on Canadian campuses, especially among international students who must pay much higher tuition rates than domestic students. It points to some of the creative solutions being piloted to address student food insecurity in meaningful ways that go above and beyond the food bank model.

Registration for Act: Transforming Knowledge Into Action is Now Open!

A vast amount of knowledge is created everyday, but is it used effectively? In most cases, only a small fraction of gained knowledge is mobilized to inform real-life situations and help create evidence-informed change. The lack of effective knowledge transfer contributes to a gap between research, policy and practice.

CETL and Chalmers: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership Addressing Newcomer Food Insecurity

CESI regularly has the privilege of developing relationships with community organizations who are deeply immersed in the communities they serve and are familiar with the issues that impact them most strongly. These partnerships vary in length and depth, and take place across a range of programs and projects at CESI; the common thread linking them is a strong potential for transformational change and the goal of offering benefits for all parties involved, as well as the broader community.

Photo shows Emily Mowat; woman with medium-length brown hair wearing a grey sweater.

Reflections on Accessibility and Critical Community Engaged Scholarship: Interview with Emily Mowat

This blog post was written by Emily Mowat, former CESI Accessibility Assistant. Her work on a variety of accessibility projects has contributed to expanding CESI’s understanding and practices around accessibility – especially as they relate to documents and written products. We continue to build on Emily’s work and knowledge as we move forward and work to create and share knowledge, information and events that are accessible for all.

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