Congratulations to the 2021 Knowledge Mobilization Bursary Winners

The CESI team is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) bursary, which is funding the participation of three U of G graduate students/post-doctoral fellows in all three courses of the 2021-2022 offering of the University of Guelph's Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization. The Cerficiate is an online professional development opportunity targeted at professionals from the academic, policy and service delivery sectors.

Reflections on Community Engaged Learning: Engaging in Development Practice

In the Winter semester of 2020, fourth-year International Development student Emily Kerr took part in the experiential learning course, IDEV*3300: Engaging in Development Practice. The course is a prerequisite for students in International Development and aims to help them gain workplace skills that will be useful in the development sector. This blog post offers an inside look into Emily’s experiences during the course and her reflections on what the course did for her personally, academically and professionally.

Call for Participants: Virtual Focus Groups on Food

Are you a Guelph-Wellington resident over the age of 18 with an interest in food? The Research Shop, along with Our Food Future Guelph-Wellington is holding virtual focus groups AND online discussion board focus groups from July 12 - July 16 to explore community perspectives on increasing access to nutritious foods. An additional online discussion board will also be taking place from July 26 - July 28. This research will help to identify facilitators and barriers to acquiring, selecting, purchasing, preparing, and consuming nutritious foods.

Just Launched: Community Engaged Teaching & Learning Database

The Community Engaged Scholarship Institute team is extremely pleased to announce the launch of our Community Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL) Database. This online repository was developed in response to an identified need for information and tangible resources related to CETL - it contains detailed records of select courses with CETL components at the University of Guelph, as well as a range of actual resources used in those courses.  

Learning from Neurodiversity Movements to Inform Accessibility and Inclusion in CETL

Canadian postsecondary institutions are under growing pressure to adapt and innovate approaches to teaching and learning. Many instructors are integrating community engaged teaching and learning (CETL) across a range of course levels and types. CETL courses ensure attention to critical learning outcomes for students as well as meaningful community collaboration and action (Morton, Varghese, & Thomson, unpublished manuscript).

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