Development Practice [IDEV*3300]

Summary of CETL Component: 

For the duration of the course, students worked with one of two community partners to address a problem or issue that the partner organization was facing. Through lectures and guest speakers, students gained the terminology and technical knowledge needed to produce a final report. Students also gained professional experience aggregating their findings and presenting them to an audience in their end-of-term conference. 

International Development
Samantha Blostein
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CEL Assignment Structure: 
Group project
Clear Language Summary
Environmental Scan
Literature Review
Student Reflection
Course Description: 
This course provided an opportunity for students to engage with development practitioners in a real-world context. The focus of community engaged learning (CEL) opportunities is on the analysis of a development issue and defining related policy and/or practice options. The course explored the challenges associated with engaging with development practitioners in the real-world and equiped students with the necessary skills for successful engagement. In this course students spent approximately 30 hours implementing a team-based CEL project determined in consultation with a community partner. At the end of the course, students shared key learnings from engagement projects and invited input from partners, peers and other relevant community stakeholders.
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