Claudia Volpe

Headshot of Claudia Volpe
Research Shop Assistant

Why I am working with the Research Shop: I am excited to work in a unit that places community needs and relationships at the forefront of the research process, while recognizing the potential of scholarly pursuits to produce real and tangible change. The Research Shop provides the opportunity to establish and nurture meaningful relationships that will help in relevant knowledge mobilization and positive impact in the Guelph community, and I am privileged to be part of this process.

Program of study: I am working towards a PhD in Sociology. I completed both my undergraduate and Master's degrees in Criminology. While conducting my MA research, I was immersed in literature that examined mental health and related behaviours through a sociological lens. In light of this new research interest, I anticipate that my PhD project will look at identity (trans)formation of individuals living with mental illness, or the experiences and advisory relationships of graduate students who disclose their mental illness/struggles to their supervisor(s).