Emily Farrell

Headshot of Emily Farrell
Knowledge Mobilization and Design Assistant

Why I am working with CESI: I believe that knowledge mobilization is an integral aspect of research and should be implemented at all stages of the research process; it is for this reason that I was drawn to the Knowledge Mobilization and Design Assistant position at CESI. The scholarship of teaching and learning has become a core interest of mine, specifically, learning how to augment the transfer of research knowledge into plain language and into a fully accessible format to benefit community partners and end-users of the research information. I am excited to work with like-minded young professionals to incite positive change in our community and advance my skill set/gain experience in community engaged scholarship and knowledge mobilization.  

Program of study: I am a Masters candidate in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, with a focus on health claims and how their presence on food labels may contribute to healthy aging. My thesis focuses on dry bean consumption in older adults and this demographic's reaction to health claims on bean product labels.