Guelph KTT CoP: Capturing the Hidden – Social Network Analysis Workshop

Date and Time


10C Shared Space

42 Carden Street

Activity room (3rd floor)

Guelph, ON N1H 3A2

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As knowledge brokers, we strive to build meaningful relationships among diverse stakeholders/organizations based on trust and rapport. Demonstrating impact by capturing and reporting these “soft” aspects of relationship building and networking can be difficult. Whereas traditional methods rely on narratives, impact stories, or other qualitative methods, Social Network Analysis (SNA) allows for a unique quantitative approach. Specifically, SNA allows you to map out relationships, determine what type of relationships exist, who might be the most central or influential in the network, who acts as bridges between different cliques in the network, and what individual-level factors might affect these relational-level factors. This workshop is designed to give to a brief overview of SNA, and demonstrate how it could be used.

This session will be led by Dr. Travis Sztainert, a Knowledge Broker at GREO, a not-for-profit knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) organization. Travis co-developed and instructs the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization offered through the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute, and has developed KTE training and course material for the Canadian Psychological Association and various not-for-profit organizations.

Refreshments and snacks will be available. You'll be joining us? Help us plan by registering.

Note to attendees: registered participants will be invited to fill a Social Analysis Network survey a week before the workshop. Results will be used to present a real-life example of the uses of SNA in our work.

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