Webinar: Supporting Youth Transitioning from Child to Adult Services - A Case Example by CESI

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This webinar, hosted by the Center for Community Based Research, will share how University research centres can support collaborative research into the needs and knowledge of youth transitioning from child to adult services. It will feature a case study presented by Liz Jackson, CESI Director, on a research project CESI has been conducting with four Community Living organizations. Sara Ropp, Senior Support Services Manager for Community Living Stratford and Area, will also present. The presenters will reflect on the institutional challenges they faced, their strategies for building buy-in, and the ways in which their shared commitments enabled them to ultimately create rigorous, usable research that will help to improve the youth services sector.

This webinar will further share insight for colleges or universities who are looking to launch their own research centre or apply learnings to an existing research centre to support impactful, community-driven research. Find more information on the presenters and register for the event here.

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