Webinar - Co-Creating Research with Community: An Organizational Model

Date and Time


This webinar will be hosted by Dr. Tamika Heiden, Founder of Research Impact Academy, Karen Nelson (CESI Research Shop Coordinator), and Dr. Elizabeth Jackson (CESI Director). Karen and Elizabeth will discuss the structure and operation of the Research Shop and what makes it effective as a model of integrated knowledge mobilization. They will also reflect on its impact over the past decade, and discuss the key questions and challenges it faces moving forward.

The webinar will show you:

  • How the Research Shop idea developed and the structures that sit behind its success
  • The model CESI uses to work with government, non-profits, and other community organizations
  • The results they have seen through their evaluation of the program and what they have learned as a result.

Please register for the Co-Creating Research with Community webinar in advance. Limited places are available.

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