On-Campus Affordable Food Market

Date and Time


University Centre Main Square


CESI invites everyone to visit the on-campus fresh market on March 31st, 2022, where fresh fruits and vegetables will be available for purchase. The food market will be held in the University Centre Main Square from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. This project is led by Feeding 9 Billion peer helpers- Maya Nickle and Vivian Ma and is a collaborative effort between CESI’s Guelph Labthe Arrell Food Institutethe Sustainability OfficeHospitality Services, and the Seed Guelph.  All of the produce items are sold on a sliding scale, which allows customers to choose the amount they would like to pay in a range. The upper end of the scale is comparable to retail value and the lower end of the scale is the cheapest they can offer it, typically being 30 to 50% below retail price. This market is open to anyone and everyone, with the goal of increasing the physical and financial accessibility of affordable produce. The on-campus food market will also be taking place on April 7th at the University Centre Main Square.

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