Campus Food Market

Date and Time


University Centre First Floor Courtyar


Held every Thursday afternoon, the Campus Food Market is open to everyone in the University of Guelph community. The market is a collaboration between the Feeding 9 Billion initiative at the Arrell Food Institute, the Guelph Lab, the Office of Sustainability and Hospitality Services. All the fruits and vegetables are sourced via The SEED, a not-for-profit community food project at the Guelph Community Health Centre that buys produce at wholesale prices for its own community markets throughout the city. 

All of the produce items are sold on a sliding scale, which allows customers to choose the amount they would like to pay in a range. The upper end of the scale is comparable to retail value and the lower end of the scale is the cheapest they can offer it, typically being 30 to 50% below retail price. This market is open to anyone and everyone, with the goal of increasing the physical and financial accessibility of affordable produce. Customers who come to the market are given the option to choose the amount they would like to pay in that range, with no questions asked. You can pay with your U of G card or with debit/credit.

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