Grimpacts: Reflecting on the Negative Impacts of Research

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Knowledge Mobilization Practitioners are committed to increasing, accelerating, and building capacity for research impact. The definitions of impact emphasize the potential of research to benefit society and create positive social change. But what happens when impact pathways spiral out of control?

The next session of the Waterloo Wellington KMb Community will discuss grimpacts: an emerging concept in the world of KMb which brings attention to the negative impacts that research (and knowledge mobilization) can have. 

Do we have a positivity bias when thinking about impact? How can we better consider the (possible) unintended consequences of our work? And what can we do to prevent - or minimize - negative impact?

Join in on December 16 to dig a bit more into this new concept and understand what it might mean for practice. Expect a fun and informal conversation in a friendly environment!

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