Hannah Fowlie

This is a photo of CESI scholar Hannah Fowlie.
CESI Scholar

Hannah Fowlie is a PhD student in the Social Practice and Transformational Change program at the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. She has a background in social work and the arts (theatre and film) and was a social worker at the Urban Indigenous Education Centre (UIEC) at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for nine years. Hannah is the Digital Storytelling and Equity Coordinator for the Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social JusticeShe has expertise in digital storytelling, narrative therapeutic and community-work practice and her research interests include art-based practices, death, dying, and grief. For most of Hannah’s life, her work has primarily been about creating connection and community through arts-based methodologies. Hannah engages with the community because she believes that arts-based research has the potential to disrupt deep-rooted structural inequalities and that collaborative work provides a critical understanding of self and identity in relationship with others. She collaborates with CESI by delivering and co-facilitating a variety of workshops. Hannah is also working on a pedagogical model for engaging with digital stories to promote social change.