How can I document community-engaged scholarship in a dossier?

The following are suggestions of documents that could be included or adapted in a dossier to document the quality of a scholar's community-engaged work:

  1. Career Statement
  2. Curriculum Vita
  3. Statement of Assigned Responsibilities
  4. Teaching Portfolios
  5. Letters of Support/Appreciation from Community Members/Partners
  6. Peer Review Letters from Community Leaders
  7. Publications in Media Aimed at Community Partners
  8. Peer-Reviewed Publications that Report on Community-Engaged Scholarship

Depending on each institution and department' standards and guidelines for preparing promotion and tenure materials, some of these may or may not be useful to individual scholars. Community-engaged scholars are encouraged to use these ideas in the context of the requirements of the institutions in which they work.

(Jordan, 2007). Reprinted here with permission from Community-Campus Partnerships for Health.