Jessica Boulé

Headshot of Jessica Boulé
Research Shop Assistant

What I am studying in my program: My primary research focus is to develop a better understanding of the lived experiences of older LGBT+ adults in Ontario to inform inclusive practice among health and social service providers. Participants in this study were recruited through the partnerships made with community organizations across Ontario. Analyses included demographic surveys and focus group transcripts. Results from this study will be disseminated through knowledge mobilization efforts.

Why I am working at the Research Shop: Working with the Research Shop provides me the opportunity to work with like-minded people, as we engage in the process of closing the gaps between research and practice.  As an intern, I am able to build working partnerships with other researchers, local organizations, service providers, and members of the community to produce knowledge with tangible benefits that may be applied directly to the city of Guelph and/or surrounding areas. This position also affords me the unique opportunity to conduct research outside of my own scope of knowledge, while addressing social issues that impact the health of my family, friends, and neighbours.