Kathleen Slemon

Headshot of Kathleen Slemon
Research Shop Project Manager

Why I am working with the Research Shop: I have always been interested in the application of research findings into "the real world". The Research Shop provides me with research and knowledge mobilization experience within the Guelph community by working on topics I may never have had the opportunity to explore otherwise. Because my program has an applied emphasis, the skills I develop here will continue to benefit me throughout my degree and my career as a psychologist, while also giving me the opportunity to make a positive impact in my own community here in Guelph.

Program of Study: I am currently working towards my Masters in Applied Social Psychology as part of the Psychology, Society and Technology Lab at Guelph. My research explores how users' understanding of healthy behaviour is influenced by self-tracking devices, such as FitBits. Technology continues to evolve at a rate much faster than we can study it, and I feel it is important to better understand how the devices we use every day can impact our wellbeing.