Researchers for Change: Engagement, Mobilization and Impact at the Graduate Level

Researchers for Change: Engagement, Mobilization and Impact at the Graduate Level

Are you a graduate student using engaged and other creative research approaches to creating and sharing knowledge? Are you curious to explore how to increase the reach and impact of your thesis/dissertation?

Would you like to connect with and learn from other community-engaged graduate students at the University?

Join the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute for a pilot knowledge exchange initiative that brings together graduate students from different disciplines to build capacity for engagement, collaboration, action and creativity in graduate research. Through three facilitated roundtable discussions, participants will come together with like-minded peers to reflect on, question, and explore the opportunities and challenges that come with being an engaged researcher/mobilizer.


Conversations will center on:

Creative Knowledge Mobilization at the Graduate Level: February 15, 12-1pm

In this roundtable, we push the boundaries of the ways in which we think about and produce outputs at various stages of graduate studies. Participants will be invited to reflect on what their role can be, as grad students, in creating and sharing knowledge that can be meaningful outside academia - and share examples of how they can do that concretely. Find out more and register for Creative Knowledge Mobilization at the Graduate Level.

Co-Creating Knowledge with Non-Academic Partners: March 1, 12-1pm

What can it look like for graduate students to participate in community-engaged partnerships? This roundtable brings participants to reflect on the principles and practices of engagement. We’ll discuss how to identify and approach the right partners, what students can offer "back" to ensure that relationships are mutually beneficial, and what happens to those relationships once the research is over. Find out more and register for Co-Creating Knowledge with Non-Academic Partners.

Graduate Students as Actors of Change: March 15, 12-1pm

Graduate students can be powerful actors of change on and off campus. From reflecting on why we are interested in the topics we are studying to discussing how we build skills to become engaged practitioners, this session asks graduate students to consider how we prepare ourselves for this work and what support we might need to develop and maintain relationships inside and outside of the academic community. Find out more and register for Graduate Students as Actors of Change.


Join us in person or online, for one or all sessions!

We aim to create an inclusive, generative space for participants to learn together and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. Please get in touch with Jemma Llewellyn to let us know how we can make this event more accessible to you.