Skills for Research Impact: Workshop Series

Skills for Research Impact: Workshop Series

Skills for Research Impact is a monthly workshop series for faculty, research staff and graduate students interested in enhancing the impact of their research. Through nine hands-on sessions facilitated by impact experts, participants will learn how to successfully plan, execute and evaluate knowledge mobilization (or knowledge translation and transfer) activities. Sessions will cover topics key to effective research communications and engagement of non-academic audiences, including policy, industry and community stakeholders.

Throughout the series, participants will be invited to apply the workshops’ content to their own research contexts and goals, and bring in real examples to work on. Workshops will be highly participatory and will provide practical knowledge, skills and tools that can be used right away.

These sessions are open to researchers from across the University of Guelph. Join us for one or multiple sessions! Participants who complete seven or more workshops will receive a letter of recognition at the end of the series.



Date and Location

Planning for Research Impact

Knowledge mobilization 101! Become familiar with knowledge mobilization plans and conceptualize strategies adapted to your goals and audiences.

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Shannon Brown, Office of Research, Agri-Food Partnership

Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute


Oct 3, 2019


UC 441

Stakeholder Engagement

Reflect on how to engage your stakeholders throughout your research process to increase your impact, and review engagement best practices for policy, industry and community actors.

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David Phipps, York University

Oct 30, 2019


UC 441

Clear Language Writing

Hone your clear communications skills! Get tips on how to structure and write clear language summaries of your research for dissemination to lay audiences.

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Kim Garwood, Writing Services, McLaughlin Library

Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

Nov 13, 2019


UC 441

Design Principles: Designing for your Audience

Go beyond the academic poster: learn all about best practices for designing visual materials that are appealing and bring your messages across.

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Shannon Brown, Office of Research, Agri-Food Partnership

Dec 4, 2019


UC 442

Website Design & Digital Accessibility

Build your own website: explore available platforms and consider website structure, content and budget. Learn about digital accessibility and how to promote your website.

Register for session five.

Tanya Qureshi and Marinette Fargo, Computing and Communications Services

Jan 21, 2020


UC 441

Social Media Engagement

Learn all about the web 2.0! Discover how to choose social media platforms that are appropriate for your goals and audiences, and get tips on creating engaging posts.

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Melanie Parlette-Stewart, Digital Media, McLaughlin Library

Feb 12, 2020

Time TBA

UC 442

Event Planning and Facilitation

Getting your stakeholders into the room is important, but you also need to know what to do with them! Build a checklist of event planning essentials and discuss best practices in group facilitation.

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Speaker TBA

March 5, 2020


UC 442

Data Visualization

From data to story, learn to turn numbers into compelling visuals and impactful design. Explore the figures and formats most appropriate to share your data and get step-by-step direction on visualizing your messages.

Register for session eight.

Mike Whyte and Blair Hodgson, Wellington, Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

March 25, 2020


UC 442

Evaluating KTT Activities

When all is said and done, how do you know it worked? Go beyond the anecdote and learn to use evaluation techniques to assess the impact of your knowledge mobilization efforts.

Register for session nine.

Anne Bergen, Knowledge to Action Consulting

Apr 15, 2020


UC 442


This workshop series is a collaboration between the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance, the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) and the Research Innovation Office at the University of Guelph. Contact us by email for more information.