CESI by the Numbers: Key Metrics 2020-2021

CESI by the Numbers: Key Metrics 2020-2021

This summary highlights key impacts reported by the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) from May 2020 - April 2021. In keeping with CESI's mandate and priorities, the metrics are separated into three categories: capacity development, partnerships, and research projects. 

The capacity development category includes numbers associated with activities that built capacity for community engaged scholarship across campus through all of CESI's program areas. Students, courses, and instructors were supported via CESI's direct participation in community engaged courses, on graduate student committees, and via other activities. Throughout 2020 and 2021, CESI employed students in a variety of positions, including doing research, knowledge mobilization, communications, graphic design, and other project-specific work. 

The partnership category includes numbers associated with CESI's overall partnerships, relationships, and networks. CESI fosters relationships with new partners and sustains and nurtures existing partnerships. These partnerships are with a number of community organizations, campus units, municipalities, and other groups; CESI staff also participate on a range of committees and networks locally, nationally, and internationally. 

The research projects category includes numbers associated with CESI's total completed and ongoing partnered research projects, as well as community- and Tri-Council-funded projects. CESI is engaged in a range of collaborative research projects that vary in length, depth, and number of partners. Some are funded by Tri-Council agencies such as SSHRC, and others have received community grant funding; many are self-funded by community organizations.

At CESI, as for many, 2020-2021 has been a year of unprecedented challenges, learning, and growth. Despite these circumstances, CESI has been able to maintain (and even exceed) our level of work in many key areas. The CESI team is excited for the year to come, eager to build new relationships and sustain ongoing ones, and continue to develop capacity to support community-identified research priorities. 

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