Final Research Projects [FRAN*6750]

Summary of CETL Component: 

As a mandatory course for the Masters of Applied Nutrition (MAN) program, students worked individually with a community partner to create and conduct an individual research project. Over three semesters, students learned skills and theoretical knowledge from guest lectures and applied those skills to their projects with the community partners.

Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
Laura Forbes
Paula Brauer
Year Offered: 
Number of Students: 
Academic Level: 
Level of Engagement: 
Community-engaged learning
CEL Assignment Structure: 
Individual project
Environmental Scan
Literature Review
Policy Brief
Course Description: 
The goal of this course was for students to gain skills in applied implementation research for dietetic services in public health, management, food services and/or clinical contexts. Students were exposed to a number of approaches and developed selected research skills. The format included formal class instruction as well as individual mentoring. The course also included a research project to be completed over the course of the MAN program. Some students chose to engage in community engaged learning by partnering with a local community organization to define and address an immediate real-world research need.