COVID-Related Resources

COVID-Related Resources

This page contains links to a variety of resources related to COVID-19 and the current pandemic context; they have helped the CESI team think through how to continue to do our best, most principled work in these very disrupted times. It includes practical resources, reports and primers, resource collections, and opinion pieces that may be helpful and interesting to CESI's partners, collaborators, students, and affiliated faculty as well as the local Guelph-Wellington community. They cover a range of topics, including: accessibility, art, community engagement, course design, diversity, equity, feminism, gender, health, mental health, online engagement, social justice, and more. This list represents a small sample of COVID-19-related resources; more will be added as they are available and applicable.  


Practical Resources 

Going Remote with EL and WIL: A Practical Approach to Outcome-Based Experiential Learning (Advancing Career Development in Canada, Higher Education & Beyond) 

This webinar is designed to help participants identify priority outcomes, design options, and develop assessment/feedback and activities that could work in remote experiential learning and work-integrated learning. 


How to Make Your Virtual Meetings and Events Accessible to the Disability Community (Rooted in Rights)

This article outlines considerations to make while planning, during, and after virtual events to ensure that they are as accessible as possible.


Meaningful Engagement - Online Events (National Co-Ordinating Centre for Public Engagement)

This crowd-sourced guide focuses on designing and delivering online meetings and events, including how to hold engaging, productive and enjoyable sessions, maintain reach and relationships, and pros and cons of different online platforms.


Reports and Primers

COVID-19 and Cannabis Smoking and Vaping: Four Things You Should Know (Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction)

This report summarizies the potential impacts of smoking or vaping cannabis on lung health, the immune systems, how it can have an impact on people infected with COVID-19, and guidance for reducing harms. 


COVID-19 and Community-Campus Partnerships (Community Campus Engage)

This website summarizes participant comments from a series of virtual coffee sessions and a surrvey around the question of 'How do we do community-campus engagement in the context of COVID-19?'


Fostering a Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis and Challenge (University of Guelph Office of Diversity and Human Rights)

This report offers suggestions on how to foster a sense of belonging in difficult times with an eye to equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Primer on Gendered Impacts of COVID (Gender and the Economy)

This primer summarizes how gender impacts the ways the COVD-19 crisis is experienced, including key resources for further reading and implications for policy and action during and after the pandemic.


Resetting Normal: Funding a Thriving Women's Sector (Canadian Women's Foundation)

This series of reports on gender and equalitty and the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada explores risks to human rights exposed by the pandemic and proposes new ways to build a gender-equal Canada in pandemic recovery efforts. 


The Psychological Impact of Quarantine and How to Reduce it: Rapid Review of the Evidence (The Lancet)

This literature review summarizes 24 academic papers focused on the psychological impacts of quarantine; most reported negative psychological effects including long-lasting impacts. 


Resource Collections

Building Communities in Times of Pandemic (Live Work Well Centre)

This collection includes links to resources shedding light on how diverse communities are responding to the current crisis.


COVID-19 Resources (Community Campus Engage Canada)

This collection includes links to COVID-19 resources from organizations and initiatives that support community-campus engagement.


Feminist Resources on the Pandemic (Centre for Feminist Policy)

This collection includes links to COVID-19 resources from feminist perspectives.


Resources for the Arts Community in Response to COVID-19 (Guelph Arts Council)

This collection includes links to COVID-19 supports and resources for creative workers; focus on Guelph and Wellington-area resources.


Support During COVID-19 (Toward Common Ground)

This collection includes a broad list of community supports, programs, and services offering assistance during COVID-19; focus on Guelph and Wellington-area resources.


Opinion Pieces

A Feminist Approach to COVID-19 (YMCA Canada)

This call-to-action outlines a feminist approach to COVID-19 in Canada that addresses gender-based violence, improves access to economic security, and invests in essential services.   


Any Post-Pandemic Plan Must Include Society's Most Vulnerable (Bronstein, Sultana & Kapoor; TVO)

This article argues for the importance of considering the social determinants of health in post-pandemic recovery planning.


Feminist Response to COVID-19 (Feminist COVID Response)

This website offers reflections on the coronavirus crisis from feminist perspectives, including an outline of key principles for a just and resilient recovery.


Five Ways to Take Anti-Racist Action During COVID-19 (Jackson, Gallant, Banks, Lewis & Carlson; The Tyee)

This article explores how racism is linked to COVID-19, including how East Asian, Black, Indigenous, and other communities of colour are being disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus and governments' response to it.


Lockdown Was Supposed to be an Introvert's Paradise. It's Not. (Ohlheiser; MIT Technology Review)

This article explores feelings of social overwhelm despite social distancing.


Pandemic Has Exposed the Rifts in our Social Fabric (Taylor; The Star)

This article explores what a 'just and equitable' society that is measured by how well it takes care of its most vulnerable could look like.


Risk for 'Us' or for 'Them'? The Comparative Politics of Diversity and Responses to AIDS and COVID-19 (Leiberman; Social Science Research Council)

This article explores the influence of social diversity on the politics of infectious disease control, asking how the articulation of ethnic, racial and national boundaries impede effective policy response.


The Future of Art is Not on a Screen, it's With People (Donaldson; The Spinoff)

This article explores new ways to embrace the social and physical, including novel ways of 'being together' in this new context.


The Single Most Essential Requirement in Designing a Fall Online Course (Davidson; HASTAC)

This blog post recommends building courses around the emotional workload that students are carrying, understanding that they are learning from a place of dislocation, anxiety, and trauma.


What Does COVID-19 Mean for People with Disabilities? (Wickenden, Rohwerder, Shaw & Thompson; Institute of Development Studies)

This article explores the potential impact of COVID-19 on people with disabilities, who are among the most vulnerable groups caught up in the pandemic.