Focus on CES at the U of G

Focus on CES at the U of G

On April 24th, 2012, the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute hosted a poster session as a part of the meetings of the Canadian University Presidents' Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada in Guelph. There were 14 posters in total, highlighting collaborative projects led by community engaged scholars, student, and community organizations. The posters touched on a variety of topics including designing a school for civil society, partnerships on climate change, and collaborative work to tackle local food insecurity.

The following posters were displayed at the event:

  • Community-University Research Practice: The Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination and the Research Shop
  • Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice
  • Living Healthy, Well and Strong in our Neighbourhoods
  • Understanding Emergency Food Services in Guelph-Wellington: An Experience in Community-Engaged Scholarship
  • Communtiy Collaboration and Climate Change Research
  • Rural Women Making Change
  • Tin Roof Global: Academia, Student Volunteerism and Local Communtiy Engagement Converge Upon an NGO's Mandate
  • Review, Enhance and Expand the Application of the 'Ontario Rural Landowners Stewardship Guide'
  • Beaver Creek Municipal Drain Grass Pickeral Project: Demonstration of Stakeholder Partnership
  • Exploring the Results of a New Communtiy-University Partnership: Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy
  • Designing the School for Civil Society
  • The Research Shop - Internships
  • Rewarding Community Engaged Scholarship
  • Institute for Communtiy Engaged Scholarship - Goals and Programs

You can view the posters in the Focus on CES at the U of G folder on the Atrium