The CESI-10C partnership brings 139 campus events downtown over past two years

Posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2019

The Institute's partnership with 10C Shared Space has helped bring 139 campus events and meetings downtown over the past two years! Through this space-sharing agreement, the Institute aims to bridge the distance between our campus and community, and create space for proactive engagement of University students, staff and faculty with local organizations and the public.

Since the relocation of 10C at 42 Carden in mid-2017, the Institute has brokered the 10C space to 31 campus partners who made use of this opportunity for a total of over 730 hours. We saw instructors taking their students downtown to meet with local not-for-profits and work to address community research priorities; faculty and staff leading research meetings involving non-academic partners; and facilitators organizing workshops and events open to the public. Over half of all activities organized brought together participants from both campus and community.

We are thrilled to see the impact of this partnership and look forward to helping University of Guelph colleagues continue to engage locally with 10C and the many organizations it hosts. Take a look at our website for more information about our partnership with 10C or using space downtown, or connect with Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator.

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