Blog post: Students' perspectives

Reflections on Community Engaged Learning: Engaging in Development Practice

In the Winter semester of 2020, fourth-year International Development student Emily Kerr took part in the experiential learning course, IDEV*3300: Engaging in Development Practice. The course is a prerequisite for students in International Development and aims to help them gain workplace skills that will be useful in the development sector. This blog post offers an inside look into Emily’s experiences during the course and her reflections on what the course did for her personally, academically and professionally.

Photo shows Aarabhi Rajendiran; woman with long dark hair wearing a black sweater.

Reflections on Community Engaged Research: Interview with Aarabhi Rajendiran

Aarabhi Rajendiran is a PhD Candidate in Public Health and is working on evaluating a population health intervention that aims to help bridge the gap in access to health and social services amongst children and families in Guelph, Ontario. At the Research Shop, Aarabhi is a Project Manager who has worked with community organizations in Guelph and the surrounding Wellington Region to conduct evaluations of programs and youth need assessments in rural communities.

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