CESI Supports 12 'Engaged' Courses this Fall

Posted on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

CESI’s Community Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL) program supports many undergraduate and graduate courses-based partnerships each semester involving hundreds of students and several community partners. These courses provide meaningful collaboration opportunities for all involved, and high impact educational experiences for students in learning basic and advanced theory, principles, and practices of critical community engaged scholarship. 

We are hard at work supporting 12 course-based community partnerships this semester! We work closely with instructors, community partners and students to help scope projects, design courses and assignments, coordinate research activities and review products. Learn more about each course below.

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FRAN*6750: Final Research Projects (Master of Applied Nutrition Program)

Instructor: Dr. Simone Holligan

Community partners: Chalmers Community Services; Meal Exchange

Projects: Students will investigate how provision of fresh and culturally appropriate foods leads to improved health for users of a local emergency food provider (Chalmers); and explore levels and experiences of student food insecurity (Meal Exchange).

FRHD*3500: Family Relations and Human Development Research Internship

Instructor: Dr. Kim Wilson

Community partner: Grand Pals

Project: A student will create a whiteboard video to mobilize masters thesis research findings on the impacts of intergenerational programming on the health and well-being of older adults.

GEO 4210: Environmental Governance (Environment and Resource Management Program)

Instructor: Dr. Kirby Calvert

Community partner: 10C Shared Space

Project: Students will use stakeholder mapping exercises and governance frameworks to assess and enhance the capacity to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in downtown Guelph.

HUMN 3190: Experiential Learning; SART3750: Photography II

Community partner: Guelph Black Heritage Society

Project: Students will create a video archive and photographic footage culminating in an exhibit commemorating the restoration and relaunch of Heritage Hall, an important site of Black history and cultural activity in Guelph.

IDEV*3300: Engaging in Development Practice 

Instructor: Dr. Bharat Punjabi

Community partners: City of Guelph Source Water Protection; Grand River Conservation AuthorityWellington Water Watchers

Project: Students will investigate community-identified research questions around protection of source water at the municipal and grassroots levels, and community engagement approaches.

NUTR 4070: Nutrition Education

Instructor: Dr. Mary Cranmer-Byng

Community partner: Chalmers Community Services

Project: Students will create updated nutrition guidelines to be displayed at a local emergency food provider in order to communicate healthy eating strategies for people struggling with food insecurity.

PSYC 1500: Foundational Skills for Psychology

Instructor: Dr. Paula Barata

Community partner: Canadian Mental Health Association

Project: Students will produce infographics sharing guidelines for psychological practice when working with particular communities (e.g. women, transgender, LBG, men) that will be used to train counselling service providers and public educators.

PSYC 6920: Psychological Interventions

Instructor: Dr. Paula Barata

Community partners: Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT); Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis Anti Human Trafficking Program

Projects: Students will design knowledge mobilization campaigns aimed at creating awareness and informing practice on issues of human trafficking and of financial abuse as a form of intimate partner violence.

SOC*1500: Crime and Criminal Justice

Instructor: Dr. Mavis Morton

Community partner: *Community-focused learning with no direct partner (large undergraduate course with 500+ students)

Project: Students will engage with established community initiatives and/or organizations to contribute meaningfully to their vision and mission (e.g. social media campaigns, rallies, program and event volunteering, creative products, etc.).

SOC*3850: Sociology of Water

Instructor: Dr. Jeji Varghese

Community partner: Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Project: Students will engage in land-based pedagogical exercises and produce digital stories as part of a process of reflection about the histories of people, land, and water and about their own connection to water.

SOC*4030: Advanced Topics in Criminology

Instructor: Dr. Mavis Morton

Community partner: Ontario Association for Interval and Transition Housing (OAITH)

Project: Students will analyze media sources to provide insight into the incidence and characteristics of femicide in Ontario as part of OAITH’s Wrapped in Courage campaign against gendered violence.

UNIV 2250: Experiential Learning Opportunity III

Community partner: Guelph Black Heritage Society (GBHS)

Project: The student will work with GBHS, the Art Gallery of Guelph, local student groups and the University’s Cultural Diversity Office to coordinate “Aftershock,” an art show featuring young creatives of the African Diaspora to celebrate the relaunch of Heritage Hall during Black History Month.

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