Student Insights from Summer Intensive Training in Critical CES

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2021

In August of 2020, CESI offered a Critical Community Engaged Scholarship Summer Intensive in collaboration with the Conservation for Reconciliation Partnership  and Coastal Routes. This series of modules and labs provided graduate students with specialized training in critical community engaged scholarship (CES), including in the foundations of critical CES and KMb, planning for KMb, anti-oppressive practice, and enacting ethical and deep collaborations. 

One of the students attendees has offered their insights and reflections on the Summer Intensive in a blog post availabile on the Conservation for Reconciliation website. In this post, they share how the lessons learned in this series of webinars have contributed to both their research and daily life, as well as the actions, both big and small, that universities can take to support decolonization, and promote diversity and inclusion.  

Read Emmanuel's blog post Little Things that Matter in Decolonization and Anti-oppression Struggles: Lessons from the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute Summer School for Emerging Scholars

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