Congratulations to the 2022 Knowledge Mobilization Bursary Winners

Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

CESI is excited to announce the winners of the 2022 Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) bursary! This bursary was awarded to four graduate students at the University of Guelph and covers the cost of one course in the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization for 2022-2023. The Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization is an online professional development opportunity targeted at professionals from the academic, policy, and service delivery sectors. It offers in-depth training in the principles and practices of knowledge mobilization and provides participants with the tools to enable the effective and appropriate dissemination, uptake, and application of knowledge. 

The KMb bursary is offered by CESI as part of our efforts to build capacity for engaged scholarship and impactful research. The bursary was awarded based on the applicant’s overall motivation and the expected impact of the program on their current or future research. We would like to extend our congratulations to the recipients of this year’s award:

Jana Daher - PhD Candidate, Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition

Jana’s PhD research project is an education intervention about dietary supplements and doping substances targeting varsity athletes. Jana is motivated to participate in the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization because it will allow her to develop the skills needed to design and implement effective knowledge mobilization strategies when sharing her research output. Jana wants to ensure that her research has an impact that goes beyond academia. Jana plans to gain a “greater understanding of my target population and better vision to communicate effectively with others who might benefit from my research such as policy makers, anti-doping agencies, athletic communities, sports doctors, and dieticians, among others”.  

Jemma Llewellyn - PhD Candidate, College of Arts

Jemma’s PhD research project involves working with Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario to co-create a Truth and Reconciliation program with youth from key TRC materials. Jemma is motivated to take part in the Certificate of Knowledge Mobilization because she wants to learn more about how knowledge mobilization functions and is viewed in academia and wants to develop skills that can help amplify community voices in current and future arts-based research projects. Jemma plans to use the methods learned in the course to “develop a co-created dissertation with different forms of knowledge from the community of youth I am working with” which will ultimately amplify the voices of racialized and Indigenous youth.

Macey Cohen - MSc Student, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

Macey’s master’s research investigates how climate change is taught in the Canadian curriculum and provides suggestions and lesson plans to improve interdisciplinary methodology for teaching about climate change. Macey is eager to participate in the Certificate of Knowledge Mobilization because she enjoys taking complex information and making it accessible and would like to expand her skills in delivering knowledge through multiple formats. Macey believes that the certificate would be extremely helpful to create a high-quality and effective research product. “Climate change and issues related to it are often confusing, intimidating, or overwhelming, therefore being able to communicate my findings clearly would be an immense advantage not just in this project but in future projects as well.”

Megan Fluit - MSc Student, Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

Megan’s master’s thesis examines the effects of beans compared to beef on satiety and food intake in older adults to provide evidence for dietary strategies for overweight and obesity management. Megan is motivated to participate in the Certificate of Knowledge Mobilization because it would provide her with the tools necessary to help break barriers in communication and bridge the gap between academic literature and communicable evidence that encourages systemic and individual change. Ultimately, Megan hopes to learn “how we use the power of scientific evidence to implement sustainable, individual, and systemic changes in healthcare by helping prevent chronic disease before it occurs to make a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities.”

Once again, CESI would like to congratulate all four winners! For more information on the courses and the certificate that the recipients will be participating in, visit the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization website.


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