Guelph Lab Project Explores Access to Public Washrooms in Guelph

Posted on Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Written by Kendra Schnarr

The first phase of an ongoing Guelph Lab project has just been published on the City of Guelph website! The Access to Public Washrooms in Guelph Project, a collaboration between the City of Guelph, the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics (U of G), and the Guelph Lab, is working to identify ways to improve access to public washrooms in the City of Guelph. The now-published Maps Report showcases what type of washrooms are available and when washrooms are available at different times of year, different times of day, and different days of the week.

Already in its next phase, researchers from this project are interviewing people in Guelph about their experiences using public washrooms (and what happens when they can't access a public washroom). Together, insights from these interviews and the data from the maps will inform recommendations to City staff and Council about how to improve access to public washrooms in Guelph.

Read the Maps Report on the U of G Atrium.

Find interactive washroom maps and learn more about the project on the City of Guelph special project: Access to public washrooms in Guelph website.

Listen to the feature on The Morning Edition - K-W with Craig Norris: Why Guelph is studying how people access public washrooms

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The Guelph Lab is a joint initiative of the City of Guelph and the University of Guelph, based at the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute. The Guelph Lab offers the City, University and community an effective way to come together, using research, collaboration and experimentation to find promising solutions to the shared challenges we face.

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