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Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

A vast amount of knowledge is created everyday, but is it used effectively? In most cases, only a small fraction of gained knowledge is mobilized to inform real-life situations and help create evidence-informed change. The lack of effective knowledge transfer contributes to a gap between research, policy and practice.

The Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization can help close that gap. Collaboratively developed by CESI and Open Learning and Educational Development, this cohort-based program consists of three online courses which support participants in acquiring the skills and tools to develop knowledge mobilization strategies that are efficient and appropriate to their contexts. The first course, Inform: Processes of Knowledge Translation and Dissemination, begins on May 13, 2024. Over the course of one semester, participants will learn about the theories and practices involved in creating, sharing, and using evidence. They will also learn why and how to enhance awareness of and accessibility to relevant evidence, explore the processes of knowledge creation, synthesis, translation, and dissemination while recognizing the importance of positionality in EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), and learn to use different techniques and products to share evidence.

Find more information and register on the OpenEd website 

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