Applied Geomatics [GEOG*4480]

Summary of CETL Component: 

As a capstone course for several streams of geography students, students worked in small groups to contact community partners and organize projects that aligned with their interests and the course learning objectives. The core of the course was a group project; in small teams, students identified a problem, designed a solution, gathered the necessary data, implemented the solution, and presented their results. 

Geography, Environment and Geomatics
Adam Bonnycastle
Wanhong Yang
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Level of Engagement: 
Community-engaged learning
Sample of Community Partners: 
CEL Assignment Structure: 
Group project
Literature Review
Course Description: 
This was a project-oriented course, focused on using geographic information systems (GIS) to address practical problems in resource management, planning (rural, urban or regional), or any other area where a spatial approach is appropriate. In addition to GIS project design and application, students learned about and used various GIS functions, and developed skills relating to data creation and manipulation, data quality assessment, and the presentation of the findings of analytical work. Some students also opted into community engaged learning by working with a community partner to define and address an immediate real-world application for a GIS project. Most of the learning in this course took place in a hands-on manner. Classroom sessions were used selectively to lay the foundation for project design and problem solving.