Innovative Research at CESI and CSAHS Posters

Innovative Research at CESI and CSAHS Posters

In February 2018, CESI held a poster exhibit at the 10C community hub in downtown Guelph. The poster exhibit at 10C provided a snapshot of the innovative and community-driven research conducted on a breadth of topics by researchers at Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) and the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS). It highlighted 10 innovative research projects that were selected by CESI and CSAHS Dean’s Office. The projects touched on a variety of topics including food waste, violence against, women, sustainability, and civic issues.

Find out more information about the Innovative Research Poster Exhibit and view the full "Innovative Research at CESI and CSAHS" exhibit on the Atrium. Below are previews of all 10 Innovate Research posters. 

Poster 1- Community Energy Knowledge-Action Partnership on Sustainability

Researchers from the University of Guelph worked with the Community Energy Knowledge-Action Partnership to examine ways to recognize land-use systems and land-use plans as our energy systems transition from fossil-fuel based energy systems to renewable energy systems. This research assisted in identifying opportunities and reducing the impacts that this transition has on communities and economies.

Poster 2- Out On The Shelf-Research Shop Partnership on LGBTQ+ Community Programs 

Out On The Shelf and the CESI Research Shop collaborated to understand the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in Guelph-Wellington. In their research, they surveyed members of the community to assess the strengths and challenges of current service providers, identified gaps in exiting programs and activities, and highlighted the needs that are not being met. 

Poster 3- Pictures of Perceptions of Household Food Waste

Carly Fraser, a researcher at the University of Guelph, conducted research involving Guelph residents to understand their experiences with food waste. The research determined that people experience various emotions while throwing out food waste which highlights the personal and complex issue of food waste.

Poster 4- Guelph Family Health Study

The Guelph Family Health Study examined how children can develop healthy habits that can lower their risk for disease now and later in life. This research worked with families to determine the most effective ways to support lifelong healthy habits.

Poster 5- Community Vitality Index

University of Guelph researchers worked in collaboration with women from several communities to define and measure Indigenous and settler women’s well-being in relation to natural resource extraction projects. This work helped define best practices for including women in policy discussions and decisions and highlighted the many ways in which communities are impacted by resource extraction. 

Poster 6- Pedestrian Safety Training Program for Children 

Researchers at the University of Guelph developed a program that uses virtual reality (VR) to assist children in crossing the street safely because being hit by a vehicle while crossing the street is a leading cause of injury for children in Canada. The Pedestrian Safety Training Program for Children strived to improve children’s judgement when crossing the road and lower their risk of injury.

Poster 7- Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence First Response Protocol Evaluation 

University of Guelph researchers collaborated with a committee representing 27 local organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence First Response Protocol, which is a set of guidelines that allows many service providers work together to help to victims who have experienced violence and help hold perpetrators accountable. The research aimed to improve the services available for women experiencing violence.

Poster 8- Re-Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice 

University of Guelph researchers at the ReVision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice explored how marginalized and misrepresented communities can challenge existing stereotypes through arts-based research and engagement projects. Their work is changing perceptions about difference and disability and uncovered new ways of making life more accessible.

Poster 9- Exploring Municipal Innovation Partnership 

University of Guelph researchers collaborated with the Guelph Lab and the City of Guelph to explore how municipalities around the world use innovation to solve complex challenges. This research demonstrated how creative problem-solving and change can positively impact municipalities and their citizens.

Poster 10- City of Guelph- Guelph Lab Partnership on the Sharing Economy 

University of Guelph researchers collaborated with the City of Guelph and the Guelph Lab to identify the benefits and challenges of the sharing economy. This research supported municipal staff in the development and revision of policies and bylaws related to social economy activities.