Student opportunity: the Graduate Student KMb/KTT Learning Circle

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Are you interested in making research knowledge more accessible and easier to understand? 

Do you want to learn effective ways of getting research knowledge to people who can use it?

Are you interested in jobs, training, and resources related to knowledge translation, mobilization and exchange? 

If so, consider joining the Grad Student KMb/KTT Learning Circle!

The Grad Student KMb/KTT Learning Circle, supported by the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute, is an interdisciplinary group of grad students from across the U of G who are interested in ways of making research more accessible to audiences outside academia. The Learning Circle hosts free expert-lead seminars and workshops related to knowledge mobilization. They also have a CourseLink site where they post updates about jobs and training opportunities, resources, and anything related to knowledge translation, mobilization, and exchange. The CourseLink site can also be used to interact with other grad students interested in KMb/KTT - students can share what they know, ask questions, or just simply stay in-the-know behind the scenes. 

Interested? Please email Danyelle Liddle to be added to the Learning Circle's Courselink and listserv and to take advantage of the benefits.

Would you be williing to be more involved? Consider joining the Steering Committee. The commitment is minimal - as needed to organize and host 1-2 seminars and workshops each semester and to maintain regular CourseLink and email communication with our members. Get in touch with Danyelle to discuss opportunities and see whether this could be a good fit.

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