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Hiring graduate students for immigration research: Apply by February 19

CESI and the Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership are seeking one or two graduate students with excellent research and writing skills for 5-week part-time (around 10 hours per week) work opportunities. Students will conduct qualitative research on the services provided to international students to help them transition to permanent residents. Tasks might include literature reviews and scans of existing programs and services, stakeholder interviews, data analysis and report writing.

Student opportunity: the Graduate Student KMb/KTT Learning Circle

Are you interested in making research knowledge more accessible and easier to understand? 

Do you want to learn effective ways of getting research knowledge to people who can use it?

Are you interested in jobs, training, and resources related to knowledge translation, mobilization and exchange? 

If so, consider joining the Grad Student KMb/KTT Learning Circle!

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